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Might Be a Democrat

You Might Be a Liberal Democrat if...

Good Erns

Good ern's like  Southerners Test, Yankee/Southern Football, more

Battle of the Sexes

Like Barney & Thelma Lou

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Redneck Humor, Lists and Jokes

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Country Comedians, Television Shows, More

Damn Yankees

Yankee Dictionary, how to annoy them and more


Some Awards we've received, Thank Ya'll!

Dothan Alabama

My home town

Redneck Boogie

Good Ol' pickin and grinnin'


My Alabama Crimson Tide site

Palm PC Graphics

Jokes & Lists

Clean Jokes and Humor. Many pages of  humorous stuff


Southern Cooking, Boiled Peanuts, Coon and other fine eats

Country Libs

Mad Libs with a Country Twist


Anti-NRA,  Anti-Huntin,  Anti-Meat eatin' folks won't like it..

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New CD's John Boy & Billy : Best of Twenty-20th Anniversary
         Tim Wilson :  I Should've Married My Father-in-Law

Roy D. Mercer vs Yankees
Tim Wilson-Hillbilly Homeboy
Blue Color Comedy Tour

Must Have Comedy CD's

John Boy and Billy-FreakShow
James Gregory-It Could be a Law
Jeff Foxworthy - Big Funny
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