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 PETA nuts messin' up your  fishin?  Believe in God, Country, and the sacredness of ALL human life? So do WE!

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If you came upon Bill Clinton struggling in a raging river, and you had a choice between rescuing him or taking a prize-winning photograph, what shutter speed would you use?


Washington Times

The National Review

Drudge Report

Keyes 2000
Former Reagan Administration official Alan L. Keyes was born in New York, NY on August 7, 1950, son of a U.S. Army Sergeant. He is currently host of the nationally syndicated radio talk show "The Alan Keyes Show: America's Wake Up Call." He is recognized as a leader in the Conservative movement and one of today's most demanded orators.

BAMPAC BAMPAC is a Federal, non-partisan political action committee.  It affirms the traditional values that have served the Black American community so well in the pastóreverence for God and country, and a belief in the sacredness of all human life. It is committed to excellence in education, less government intrusion in our lives, and an agenda for economic self-empowerment

Concerned Women For America The nation's largest public policy women's organization

Town Hall Conservative News and Information


Humor and such

    • PeopleEatingTastyAnimals
      A wicked send-up of the humourless animal rights wackos "People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals," (PETA). For those who haven't heard about these idiots. PETA is a notorious left-wing extremist group that takes equalitarian tomfoolerly to new heights by attempting to accord lower animals the same rights as human beings.

    • The White House
      Parody of the First Page

  • NRA 
     National Rifle Association

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  • The American Spectator

  • Gun Owners of America

  • Judicial Watch Judicial Watch, Inc., a non-partisan, non-profit conservative foundation based in Washington, D.C., was established to serve as an ethical and legal "watchdog" over our government and judicial systems to promote needed political and legal reform.

  • McCord Online News Magazine

  • WorldNet Daily

  • Separation of School and State Alliance

  • SEEBO - See Beyond the Obvious

  • John Birch Society
    The John Birch Society is an educational organization. It was formed in 1958 to restore and preserve freedom under the United States Constitution, expose and rout those forces working to enslave mankind, and then to inspire others throughout the world to follow the example of America's newly recovered freedoms

  • On the Radio

    Dixie Rising a radio program devoted to modern Confederate matters!

    Unofficial Rush Limbaugh

    Rush Limbaugh Fan Club

    Ken Hamblin  'The Black Avenger'

    Dr. Laura Go Take on the Day!

    Gordon Liddy

    Alan Keyes
    Wake up Call!

    Michael Reagan

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